Products - Mulch - Animal Bedding - Boiler Fuel




Landscape Mulch. Our fresh "natural" mulch is a mixture of popple, balsam and spruce. The mulch is double ground/shredded. We also offer an "aged" product which is darker in color.



Animal Bedding. The bedding contains sawdust and some bark.

There are NO rocks or large pieces. The moisture content is 30% to 35%, depending on the time of year - the percent of moisture is the same as sawdust from a lumber mill. This bedding is ideal for young stock and horses. Material is processed through a screener with a 1/2" screen. We also have a larger screen available.




Boiler Fuel. The boiler fuel product is a waste wood/sawdust product. We occasionally have ground pallets, tree tops and chunk wood material.






                                                       New Colored Mulch. Information coming soon. Please Contact us for more.