About US

"We consistently meet customer expectations on quality products, timely deliveries, and outstanding customer service needs."
"We are very proud of our drivers, office, and yard staff. They are our first impression to our customers and we appreciate the 100% customer service they provide."

Dorshorst Trucking was started in 1999 by Tom and Karen Dorshorst. When they began operations, the company consisted of a dump truck and backhoe. Tom handled all excavation projects. Through hard work and dedication between 1999 and 2010, Dorshorst Trucking grew to nine staff members. In addition, their fleet now includes 14 semi trucks,
1 dump truck, 2 grinders, screener, and numerous pieces of excavation equipment. Each day the semi-trucks are traveling throughout the state of Wisconsin delivering product. Tom and Karen are committed to expanding the business through networking opportunities and providing quality customer service. They value their employees and their hard work that has contributed to the success of Dorshorst Wood Recycling LLC.

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