Welcome to Dorshorst Wood Recycling LLC!

Central Wisconsin's Landscape Mulch Supplier

Dorshorst Wood Recycling is headquartered in Auburndale, Wisconsin. We supply landscape mulch to landscape companies and golf course communities throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. Our fresh "natural" landscape mulch is a mix of popple, balsam, and spruce. We also supply an "aged" product which is darker in color.

We supply a waste wood product (boiler fuel) used as a renewable resource in wood boiler systems, particularly in the paper mill and power plant industries.

In addition, we have entered the animal bedding market and look forward to expanding our customer base.

We take great pride in quality products and providing outstanding customer service. Call our office for pricing and delivery.

Thank you for selecting Dorshorst Wood Recycling LLC. Please review our website for more information regarding our company and products.

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